About My Picture Books

Burro's Tortillas



ISBN-13: 978-1934359181

Cross The Little Red Hen with a burro and his friends and you get a  humorous Southwestern retelling of a childhood favorite, Burro finds it  hard to get any help from his friends as he diligently works to turn  corn into tortillas. Young children will love the repetition; older  children will enjoy the book s many puns. In addition to its  Southwestern flavor, the delightful story imparts an accurate picture of  the traditional way that tortillas are made.

The Most Dangerous



ISBN-13: 978-1607185352

Dangerous animals from all over the world gather for the Most Dangerous  Animal of All Contest. Snakes, spiders, sharks...who will the winner be?  Deadly poison, huge teeth, razor-sharp horns, and fearsome feet are  just a few of the ways that animals kill. Predators mean to kill. Prey  simply defend themselves. And yet, the unexpected Most Deadly Animal  doesn't mean any harm! Don't let the suspense kill you.

Tornado Tamer



ISBN-13: 978-1628557404

In this adaptation of The Emperor s New Clothes, Mayor Peacock declares  he will hire a tornado tamer to protect the town. After a long search,  Travis arrives to fill the position and this trickster weasel has a  plan. He will build a very special, transparent cover to protect the  town. Travis' magical cover is so transparent that only those smart  enough  can even see it. Mouse is doubtful, but his  questions are brushed off. Months later, the cover has been hung and  Travis has been paid a hefty sum, but a tornado is in the distance and  the town is in its path. Will the magic cover protect the town?

One Good Deed



ISBN-13: 978-1467734790

A young boy transforms his neighborhood by performing one good deed for  his neighbor, which leads to a chain of kind and helpful actions.

WINNER CHRISTOPHER AWARD for  the picture book that most "affirms the highest values of the human spirit."